Get back to work.

Project List lets you see what everyone is working on and measure the things that matter most so you can get back to work.

Get your team on the same page.

Keep up with your entire team’s to-do list by inviting your coworkers and collaborators to your Project List team. When they join, they’ll be able to add their own projects and see what you – and everyone else on the team – is working on.

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Create Projects

Keep track of your projects by adding them to Project List. Use notes to give your teammates more detailed status updates, see the project’s history, place pending projects on hold and archive completed to-do’s.

Add new projects to your teammates’ lists or reassign projects to other team members. Use drag and drop to organize your list in order of priority.

Create projects

Track Progress

Use red-yellow-green color coding to quickly let your team know if a project is on track or in trouble. Use percentages to let everyone know how close you are to finishing a task, and get the satisfaction of dragging the completion bar to 100 percent when your project is done.

Track progress

Better Meetings

Make your standups and staff meetings more focused so your team can get back to getting things done. See the whole team’s projects in a single view, and update, prioritize and assign projects on the fly.

Transparent Teams

Transparent teams are healthy teams. Project List helps you make sure that you know what everyone is doing so nothing falls through the cracks.

Less Interuptions

Interruptions kill productivity. Use Project List to see each team member’s projects and check their progress without having to ask how things are going.

Meet some of the teams using Project List

“Project List makes it easy to pass projects back and forth and track progress without having to be in the same room. We prefer to minimize project management and focus on the work itself. Project List makes it possible.”

Andrew Millen
Red Alloy

“Project List is simple to use. Without any hands-on instruction my team of 10 people were all up and running on Project List in less than half an hour. Not many project management systems are this intuitive.”

Kayla Earwood
Sullivan Branding

“Too often, doers in a business lose sight of the goal. Project Lists helps teams focus on the goal with required updates per project, per person. For my clients, the details and execution are in Basecamp, but the goal is in Project List.”

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