Meet Project List

A simple project dashboard that keeps your team on the same page.


Work Better Together

Use Project List to streamline your stand ups or staff meetings, keep track of your projects, see what your teammates are up to or check the status of a coworker’s project without having to interrupt.

Project List foregoes the complexity of traditional management tools and instead implements a simple project management ideology that everyone can use.

Step One

Invite Your Team

Invite your team to Project List so that you can see everyone’s projects.


Calvin Morris



Keith Mattix



Colin Neller

HR Manager

Step Two

Add Projects

Let everyone know what you’re working on by adding your projects to your list.

Add Projects
Step Three

Track Progress

Let your team know how your projects are going using a progress bar and simple red-yellow-green color coding.

Track Progress
Step Four

Be on the same page

Enjoy the clarity of knowing the overall health of all of your team's projects.

Team Overview

Meet some of the teams using Project List

“Project List makes it easy to pass projects back and forth and track progress without having to be in the same room. We prefer to minimize project management and focus on the work itself. Project List makes it possible.”

Andrew Millen
Red Alloy

“Project List is simple to use. Without any hands-on instruction my team of 10 people were all up and running on Project List in less than half an hour. Not many project management systems are this intuitive.”

Kayla Earwood
Sullivan Branding

“Too often, doers in a business lose sight of the goal. Project Lists helps teams focus on the goal with required updates per project, per person. For my clients, the details and execution are in Basecamp, but the goal is in Project List.”

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