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We believe that keeping track of your projects should be simple. We also believe that healthy teams are transparent. Project List allows you to see what the members of your team are working on and lets you measure the things that matter most to the health of your projects.

Project List only has four features, but they’re the only ones that matter.

Feature reassign


The name of the project and the team member responsible for completing it.

Feature color coding

Color Coding

Red-Yellow-Green color coding allows you to see if a project is on track - or in trouble - quickly.

Feature percent complete

Percent Complete

Let everyone know how close you are to being done by showing the percentage of the project that has been completed.

Feature notes


Give your teammates more detailed status updates by adding notes to your projects.

Who uses Project List?

Project List gives team leaders an easy way to get an overview of what their team members are working on and spot any snags before they become problems.

Team members use Project List to track their projects and share their progress with the rest of the team.

Individuals use Project List to easily manage their to-do lists for both personal and professional projects.


How to use Project List

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